Monday, April 26, 2010

All the ways I use the internet...

My computer went down in February and I realized then how dependent I was on my computer.

I literally felt like my life was over. But the sad thing is that I am probably even more addicted to the internet, here are just the things that I can remember off the top of my head that I use the internet for:

Pay bills, so much that I can hardly remember how to write a check anymore. And I hate companies that don't allow me to pay bills online.

I couldn't live without the internet to do research for papers for school.

I often read the news, and get more information of stories that I have heard on local television news, which is never indepth enough. The internet gives you the most up to date news, and indepth in coverage.

And most recently to find people that I used to know using face book...

I have used it in the past to pester my congressmen on things that annoy me.

I am currently taking classes online.

To just surf for useless stuff, like alien abduction or to settle a bet with my boyfriend...

And I am sure there is more but this is all I can remember for now. I will probably update this list.

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